Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What is TCP/IP?
TCP/IP is one type of protocol allows you to set the computer to communicate and exchange data within a network (the network). Is a set of rule allows the computer to connect with one of the other, usually in form of time/ line/ error checkig when transmitting data.

What makes TCP/IP to be important?
Because TCP/IP is the protocol I was applied in almost all the hardware and operating system. No other set of protocols you all the systems available on the following;

Novel Netware, IBM Mainframe, System Digital VMS, Microsoft Windows NT Server, Workstation UNIX, Linux, FreeBSD, DOS Personal computers.

What Services are given by TCP/IP?
a. Delivery of files (file transfers). File Transfer Protocol (FTP) allows the user to one computer can send or receive files to the computer network. Because data security issues, often requiring the FTP user name and password, although many also do FTP can be accessed through anonymous password.

b. Remote login. Network terminal protocol (telnet) allows computer users can log into a computer in a network.

c. Computer mail. Used to implement the electronic mail system.

d. Remote execution. Allows computer users to run a program on a different computer. Usually useful if the user using the computer is limited, while it requires a lot of the horse in a computers system.

e. Name server. Name of the database address you used on the Internet.

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**this original texts has been translated by PutriHangLiPo**

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